Detailed floor plans could hold the key to improving the consumer experience in high end hotels, if developments at luxury chain Hilton are anything to go by.

Recent reports from the high end hotel chain reveal that customers will soon be offered access to detailed floor plans during the booking process, and then given the opportunity to select their own accommodation according to the information contained therein.

Hotel Flooplans Allow Users to Explore Accommodation in Advance

The system will work in much the same way as many theatre and concert booking systems, which offering seating plans to booking customers and allow them to select the seats that best suit their own preferences – and will give the guest a higher level of control over their hotel experience.

For example, the floorplans featured during the booking process will allow potential visitors to select and secure rooms that are easily accessible, great for those who have mobility concerns, while guests with anxieties about evacuation will be able to select accommodation close to emergency exits!

Floor Plan Booking Systems Give Guests Greater Control

Worried about being disturbed by noise from on-site hotel entertainment? Soon a floor plan booking system will allow you to select a room that is as far as possible from communal areas, helping to ensure an undisturbed night.

Want the first shot at the breakfast buffet in the morning? A booking system that incorporates hotel floor plans will allow you to choose a room near to the dining area, making sure you get to the breakfast table on time!

Hotel Chain to Incorporate Floorplans in Digital Booking System

The changes, which are to be introduced at Hilton along with a new mobile check in system that allows guests to use their smart phones as their room keys, places control of the booking and check in process firmly in the hand of the consumer – something which hotel bosses believe can only improve their business in the future.

Senior vice president and global head of digital at Hilton Worldwide, Geraldine Calpin explained: “We analyzed data and feedback from more than 40 million HHonors members, as well as guest surveys, social media posts and review sites and it’s clear that guests want greater choice and control.

“In a recent study 84% of business travellers surveyed said they wanted the ability to choose their own room. We are giving our guest the ability to do just that by enabling them to select not just their room type but the exact location in the hotel all the way down to their room number.

More Hotels Expected to Offer Access to Floor Plans in Future

The move is one that may be aped by aspiring accommodation across the industry, as hotels opt in to floorplan creation to enhance their user experience – offering access to detailed indoor maps of their facilities through platforms such as google maps, whose popular exploration tools such as streetview are being increasingly used by consumers as part of the travel planning and virtual


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