View sample sketches, 2D floor plans and the interactive 3D floor plans.



You must draw everything on your sketch that you would like to appear on the final floor plan. Read our how-to-guide for more information on what to include on your sketch. Here are some examples of sketches we have received.

2D floor plans

All the 2D plans are created using CAD software, to a professional standard. They will be provided to you in a PDF format, which can be printed or used in any digital material. We offer a 24-36 hour turnaround. Click on the images below to enlarge the floor plans.

3D interactive floor plans with virtual furnishing

From just £129.00, we will create a fully immersive 3D interactive floor plan, you can then add virtual furniture, colour walls and add flooring and textures to your 3D floor plan. Once you floor plan is complete, you can watch your floor plan come to life. Create stunning images and download to use on marketing material. Take a look at this example below to understand how it works.

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